2022-2023 School Council

Who we are and what do we do...

To establish Sam Sherratt as a Safe, Effective and Respectful Learning Environment which has Good Communication, Leadership and Involvement between Students, Staff and Parents

Sam Sherratt School Council (SSSC) is a group of parents that meet regularly with school staff as per the SSSC Constitution and operating procedures.

We hold general meetings once a month, which last approximately 2 hours to discuss issues important to the life of our school and our students. Free babysitting is available upon request. We develop action plans in response to requests for assistance from staff and students. Activities include: supporting Healthy Snack, Hot Lunch Days, gardening, support of sporting activities, allocation of funding to various school departments and fundraising activities. We are involved in giving input into new school policies and programs. We also invite guest speakers to address parents about education and other community-related issues. We get involved in safety and advocacy issues. We have parents who hold executive positions; parents who come out to talk about specific issues; parents who just come out to listen or learn! Get involved in your child's school life and make a difference!

Please plan to make this involvement part of your experience at Sherratt.

9 voting members:

Elana Janisweski

Stacey Skiba

Rachel Chua

Susan Zhang
Puja Goyal
Claudia Cruise

PIC (Parent Involvement Committee)
Hinna Ahmad

Teacher Representative
Tina Hunt

School Admin.
Rasha Balche, Heather Parizeau and Natalie Lyall

2022-2023 Parent Council Meeting Minutes

PDF October 2022 Meeting Minutes.pdf