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Gator Bites: Week of January 21st

posted Jan 28, 2019, 3:00 PM by David Willoughby ‎[Staff]‎   [ updated Jan 28, 2019, 3:01 PM ]

Good Evening Gator Families!

On Tuesday January 22nd,  Grade 1 and 2 students from Ms. Gabriel and Ms. Swift’s classes engaged in some hands-on outdoor learning!  Our students worked collaboratively with each other to gain a deeper understanding of mapping and navigational skills by participating in a scavenger hunt. They solved clues to find the locations of treasure tubes and completed challenges such as reading a thermometer or observing their surroundings.

Here is what students are sharing about learning outdoors:

“I learned temperature today. We did a treasure hunt for treasure tubes with clues inside.” -Brynlee

“It is fun. You get to run around. You get to learn.” -Vivian

Thank you to Ms. Swift and Ms. Gabriel for organising this fun outdoor learning experience!

On Wednesday January 23rd, our Kindergarten (K2) class hosted a kindergarten team from Anne J MacArthur to participate in an Outdoor Education Project. They walked to the forest and noticed and named many things on their way, such as the bare trees, animals and nests. While in the forest the children decided to play in the snow and build walls, snowmen, and statues, making observations and new connections while engaging with different classmates. They wondered how to build a stronger community in their classroom in the outdoors.  Thank you to Ms. Hunt and Ms. Lowry for organizing this fun outdoor learning opportunity!

            Family Literacy Day on January 27th -  TAKE 20 minutes together to make learning part of your every day. This TAKE 20 document (LINK) is one of the resources on the website. Barbara Reid has created 20 different ideas of ways to engage in literacy-related activities as a family. Please visit the Family Literacy Day website for resources, ideas and prepared downloads:


Please use the crosswalk in the front parking lot of the school to cross when coming to school in the morning or leaving in the afternoon as many vehicles use the parking lot at these times.

Please do not pull into the Accessible Parking spots to drop off or pick up students as these spots are limited and designated for people with an accessible parking permit only.

Winter is here! Please ensure your child is dressed for outdoor activities each day - winter boots, snow pants and jackets, scarves, mitts & hat.  It is always helpful to keep an extra pair of socks or other clothing at school / in their backpack during this time in case students get wet outdoors.

Wanted:  We are looking for Occasional / Supply Lunchroom Supervisors for the 2nd Nutrition Break (12:50 - 1:40 pm).  If interested please contact the school office 905-878-1556.

Kindergarten Registration for September 2019 is now open!

Please come in Monday through Friday after 10am to register your child for Kindergarten. Please let your friends and neighbours know if they have Kindergarten age children (Born 2015) .

Elementary Optional Attendance 2019-2020

Halton students seeking placement at schools other than their home schools, do so by way of Optional Attendance.  Applications are being accepted at your home school from:  December 1 - January 31, 2019

Not all schools are open to Optional Attendance.  For a list of schools open to Optional Attendance and to obtain a copy of the registration form you can go to the HDSB website at and click on the following:

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  • Elementary Optional Attendance Administrative Procedure with Application Form