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Gator Bites: Week of September 10th

posted Sep 7, 2018, 2:38 PM by David Willoughby ‎[Staff]‎

Welcome Back Gators!!

What an exciting start to our new school year!! We have had a wonderful week at Sam Sherratt, welcoming new students, connecting with old friends and meeting our new class mates! All students were introduced to all of our Staff (both new and old) at our welcome back assembly on Tuesday.

An additional assembly was run for our Intermediate Students to share information about the upcoming leadership opportunities and to go over rules about cell phones and off school property lunches. Cell phones need to stay in lockers unless invited to be brought to class by teachers (or not brought to school at all)  and the off school lunch program will not begin until October and needs to be endorsed by both parents/guardians and teachers.

Thank you to our Peace Keepers and Peace Buddies for all of their hard work this week. They were out in full force to ensure all of our new students had fun games and activities to participate in and make new friends.

An exciting opportunity for our students! Sam Sherratt will be starting a student council this year. Student reps for every classroom, and our intermediate students will be campaigning for the executive positions! Campaigns begin next week, parents please ask your students about the nomination forms that went to each class today. Thank you Ms. Bryne and Mr. Goral!

Volleyball tryouts begin for Intermediate boys and girls begin on Monday. Thank you Mr. Baker, Mr. Kerschner, Mr. Goral and Mr. Aidoo!!

Grade 7 Students: We will be hosting a Mansfield Information Session next week on Tuesday September 11th in the Mall area beginning at 6:30pm.

We started our Eco Team this week! Thank you to the students who signed up for this team, it is always open to new members...if this is something that interests you please come and see Ms. Hastie.

Cross Country started this week also for grades 3-8, remember to listen for the meeting times on the announcements. Thank you Ms. Wheeler and Mr. Costello.

Intermediate Boys Volleyball also started this week, thank you to Mr. Kershner and Mr. Baker. Remember to listen for try out times on the morning announcements.

Students in portables: Have managed the new lunch procedure of eating in the mall each day very well. It is great to have all of our students inside for meal times each day. Thank you to our staff for making this transition so smooth!

Pizza Forms: Please note that Pizza order forms went home this week. We are moving towards a completely cashless system at Sam Sherratt, so this means please do not send in any money with your students, if you need help signing up for the cashless system which is called “School Cash Online” please pop into the office we are here to help you!