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Gator Bites Week of October 24th, 2016

posted Oct 23, 2016, 7:19 PM by David Willoughby ‎[Staff]‎
Good Evening Sherratt Families! 

**Please be sure to read to the bottom of each Gator Bites to find important attachments!

It was a week of mixed emotions here at Sherratt! We were so proud of our Gators and how Sam Sherratt was represented at We Day on Wednesday
. We had eight amazing ambassadors travel to Toronto for an awesome day of learning, inspiration and innovation! This certainly was a bright spot to a rather sad day when our Toronto Blue Jays ended their World Series journey! Ah well...can't win them all! 

It was wonderful to see almost half our Grade 8 families come out for our Graduation trip Info night. We are looking forward to celebrating our graduates in June with this great trip!

A reminder, with the turn in weather please be sure your child has an indoor (dry) pair of shoes kept here at school so they have dry feet on these wet days! 

In Partnership,

Robert Iannuzzi
Colleen Golightly
and the Staff of Sam Sherratt 

(Read on for important messages from The Staff) 

A reminder to our families around culturally and socially appropriate costumes for Halloween.
As you know, it is inappropriate and unacceptable to come in a Halloween costume that mimics the traditional attire of an ethnic, religious, racial or gender group/identity. Pretending to be a member of a group (for example Indigenous peoples) for ‘fun’ is evidence of cultural appropriation and sends the message that cultural attire is a ‘costume’ to be donned for entertainment purposes. 
We also need to address the current trend from the United States around dressing as a scary clown. Please ensure your child is dressed for fun and sharing, not for scaring, especially at school.


On October 12th, we went on a trip to Andrew's Scenic Acres. 

First, we went on a tractor-pulled wagon ride around the farm. 

Next, we walked on the side of the tractor road to the apple orchard. We picked our own apples, and we got to eat them!

Then, we went to the pumpkin patch. We learned about how the flowers turn into pumpkins. We were careful not to step on the vines. We also learned about how the females become baby pumpkins, and the male flowers are good to eat.

After that, we walked to the Haunted Forest. It was funny because there were a lot of jokes, and there was a sleeping witch at the end.

We ate a picnic lunch and played on the playground, and then we visited the animals. There were chickens, rabbits, ducks, goats, turkeys and sheep. Some goats had three horns, and they were chasing each other. The chickens stuck their heads out of the cage.

Finally, we played on the big haystacks. We think it was really straw. There were holes that we could jump into.

We learned a lot about the farm, and we hope we can go back again soon!

By: The students in Ms. Neate's Grade 1 Class

Let’s hear it for our Intermediate Volleyball Teams! 
Currently mid-season, our Gators are displaying passion, pride and sportsmanship at each game and practice.

Jack W, Devon S, Parker H, Nato F, Chris H, Brian M, Matt O, Andrew L, Kawshik M, Markus S, Evan G, Chase F.

Binh N, Vivian B, Tam M, Jen E, Tayah C, Ainsley RH, Anna Z, Lauren B, Jessica P, Maham M, Meagan M, Thiru S

If you would like to attend the remaining games which will be held at Sam Sherratt, they will be on Oct 25 against Boyne,Nov. 1 against Chris Hadfield and Nov 3rd against PL Robertson.

IMPORTANT DATES: Full calendar available on our website

November 3rd - Gr 7 & 8 Immunization 
November 8th – Photo Retake Day
November 11th – Remembrance Day assembly 10:50am – 11:30 (All welcome)
November 21st - Report cards sent home
November 21st to 25th Student lead conferences
November 24th – Gr 7 Immunization Menactra
November 25th - PA Day (No school)
David Willoughby [Staff],
Oct 23, 2016, 7:19 PM
David Willoughby [Staff],
Oct 23, 2016, 7:19 PM
David Willoughby [Staff],
Oct 23, 2016, 7:19 PM