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Gator Bites: Week of October 22nd

posted Oct 29, 2018, 8:11 AM by David Willoughby ‎[Staff]‎

This week at Sam Sherratt our grade 1 students enjoyed a trip to Andrew’s Scenic Acres. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers and our teachers for braving the weather and organising such a fun learning experience for our students!

This year our Grade 5 students took part in the Civix Canada Municipal Student Vote process along with 2000 other schools. Some classes researched and presented the candidates’ platforms in our school ward prior to voting. Students were able to formulate an opinion and compare their vote to the actual results after they were tabulated.  

On Election Day, students came to the Learning Commons and were given an official ballot. They marked their vote behind the screen and placed it in the voting box. What an authentic learning opportunity!

Then a few of our classes went to the Gym to see the actual voting happen.  They had a tour thanks to Mr. Charrey, and saw first hand what they will be able to do when they are legal voting age. Some are desperately waiting to become 18 now! Thank you to Mr. Charrey and Ms. Belford for all of your hard work!!

The Big Crunch:Image result for apples

The Big Crunch occurred on Thursday this week, during the second half of first break. Each student at Sam Sherratt was given an apple at the start of nutrition break, and posed for a group picture as they took a HUGE Crunch out of their delicious apples. We, the student council, had been mentioning the Big Crunch on the announcements for quite some time, and it’s safe to say that the student body was fairly excited. The big crowd of students outside looked up, apples in hand, to see Ms. Byrne and Mr. Goral on the roof, video taping and taking pictures. Down to the count of three, every student took a bite out of their apple, creating a satisfying crunch. The idea of the Big Crunch was to advertise healthy eating and an initiative to help raise funds for Halton Food for Thought. Judging by the taste of those apples, I’m sure students will be eating healthier everyday! Written by S. Edirisinghe

The Monster Mash Activity DayImage result for pumpkins and ghosts

This Wednesday, October 31st, the student council has decided to hold a “Monster Mash Activity Day”, so all students can have a memorable and enjoyable October 31st. We will be holding a Dance in the mall, with music by our Prime Ministers aka. DJ’s PMSQUARED, there will be a movie in the Gym, and activities in the Learning Commons. The idea for our “Monster Mash Activity Day” was brought forward from the student body, via our new Student Council Classroom Representatives.

Our Annual Costume Parade will be happening at 9am, and loved ones are more than welcome to attend. 

Written by S. Edirisinghe    Stay Tuned for more updates from your 2018-2019 Sam Sherratt Student Council!

Milton District High School Programs

Milton District High School came to visit with our Grade 8 students on Thursday.  They informed our students about the various programs offered at the high school including Applied, Academic, Gifted and Advanced Placement (AP), as well as the wide variety of clubs and teams available.  Students were given the opportunity to ask any questions about what Grade 9 and .high school might bring. A reminder to families the Open House for Milton District will be on November 8th at 6:30pm.

AnnieImage result for annie play

This week we have been holding Callbacks for the Annie Jr. Musical, and narrowing down our casting for each role. There is so much talent at Sherratt!! We will be finalizing decisions by the end of next week.  Thank you to all students for your hard work preparing for your auditions, and for your patience as we carefully consider our casting decisions.

We will hold our first ALL CAST meeting and rehearsals the week of November 5th.

Fundraising campaign:  You only have a few days left to support our fundraising campaign with Recipes in a jar and you can make a difference! Online Orders through Sam Sherratts very own Online are due Monday October 29th.     By buying a jar, you help Sam Sherratt reach our fundraising goal and offer a meal to a local food bank.

Cultural Celebration:

Sam Sherratt is planning to hold their 1st annual Cultural Celebration on December 6, from 6 - 8 pm, but we need your HELP to be successful.  All families are invited to attend but we need MORE participants. To sign up please either complete the  Cultural Celebration information letter or Cultural Celebration Google Form as soon as possible!

FREE November ART afternoons with the Milton ArtHouse:

November 7 - 28 on Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:00 pm stop by the ArtHouse for a free drop-in art club for children 7 - 12. No pre registration required.