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Gator Bites: Week of February 25th

posted Mar 1, 2019, 1:48 PM by David Willoughby ‎[Staff]‎

Good Evening Gators!

Despite the snow interruptions, we have been keeping busy with our learning this week.  

Our Grade 3, 4 and 5 students had the opportunity to further develop their skills and strategies for scientific inquiry through hands-on activities provided byScientists in the School.  

The Grade 3s built bridges that could hold several textbooks to enhance their learning about strong and stable structures.  The Grade 4s had an opportunity to experience becoming a physicist and discovering how pulleys and gears can make work easier. They constructed gear trains and identified gears used in our daily lives. They built and designed pulley systems to change an applied force. The best part was being a part of a human pulley and figuring out how to move something bigger than themselves. The Grade 5s took part in activities titles ‘May the Force be with you’ where they deepened their understanding of forces acting on structures.  Thank you Ms. McKenna for organizing this great learning opportunity. They will be back later in March to work with our Grade 1 and 2s.

Sr. Basketball - Both the senior boys and girls basketball teams continue to work hard every week as they continue their regular season. Practices are throughout the week, both before school and during nutrition breaks. All players and coaches are putting in great effort to improve the teams, and everyone is having fun along the way! Thank you Mr. Baker and Mr. Kryzanowski for all your time and efforts coaching. Go Gators!

Mountsberg Field trip -  On Tuesday February 26th all of our grade 1, 2 and 3 students enjoyed an afternoon at Mountsberg Conservation Area's Maple Town!  Students took a wagon ride through the forest to the pavilion at Maple Town, where they then enjoyed a pancake lunch. After lunch, students learned about how to tap maple trees for sap, and how to turn it into maple syrup.  We finished off the afternoon with a taste of fresh syrup! Yum!

Last Friday, all of our students participated in helping to create a school mural by drawing a self-portrait during our Gator House activities.  Here is our mural so far! Students who were absent, or did not complete a self-portrait, are encouraged to visit Ms. Gabriel & Ms. Swift in rooms 5 & 6 to get a template to add their picture to the mural.  Thank you Ms. Gabriel & Ms. Swift for organizing our Gator Houses and helping us remember the importance of kindness and friendship with this amazing mural.


March 4th - please join us for School Council at 6:30 pm in the Learning Commons

March  11 - 15 - Spring Break

March 28th - Save the date for our Mindfulness Family Evening, organized by School Council, more details to come