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Gator Bites: Week of December 12th

posted Dec 12, 2016, 7:27 AM by David Willoughby ‎[Staff]‎   [ updated Dec 12, 2016, 7:30 AM ]

Good Evening Sherratt Families!

**Please be sure to read to the bottom of each Gator Bites to find important attachments!!

A wonderful week at Sherratt!

Our student leaders have started Marvellous Me this week, five days of fantastic student led activities for Grades 1-8!  Ask your child if they were able to attend a session!

This week we have had ongoing work done around our school on our stormwater drains. We have asked our students to avoid the large 'puddle' or 'rink' (depending on the weather!). We are working in co-operation with the Town and will continue to strive to get this drain functioning before the hard winter arrives.

A big 'thank you' to Mr Willoughby who was able to fix some kinks on our school website that was not allowing our community to view the school calendar. This error is not worked out and the community can now view our calendar through our website. To note, our weekly Gator Bites is loaded onto our Website weekly by Mr Willoughby. When looking for older Gator Bites, you can click on the 'view all' button at the bottom to see past copies. We are working on putting past Gator Bits on our Website under a tab, but until then you can see archived Gator Bites through the website, or through your saved emails.

This has been our second week of limiting access to our school via the West Pathway. We have had many conversations with HDSB staff, and the community regarding creating a safe entry to and from school each day. There are many ideas on the table, some quicker fixes, some with a significant price tag, and others requiring construction. We want our community to know that we value your input, and take each and every suggestion seriously. Thank you to the families who engaged in conversations with Dr Iannuzzi and Mrs Golightly this week, as well as the extended time taken at School Council to discuss this concern. We want all students and families to feel they can voice their concerns directly to Admin so we can engage in a problem solving conversation, our doors are always open. While we continue to problem solve, we ask the community to continue to support us in redirecting your entry so you and your children are not passing through the active parking lot where there is no crossing guard. Though there are only a few families affected by this change in safe arrival, we understand it has been difficult for you and want to assure you we are continuing to work on a solution.

Enjoy your weekend.

In Partnership,

Robert Iannuzzi

Colleen Golightly

and the Staff of Sam Sherratt

(Read on for important messages from The Staff)



Please bring all items to be donated to the Holiday Extravaganza to the office. We are looking forward to every child picking gifts for their family members.


Looking for Volunteers for the Extravaganza on Wednesday the 14th in the evening and for Thursday the 15th during the day. Contact Suzie Williamson at


It’s hard to believe there are students in our community who come to school hungry, without a winter coat or who can’t afford a class trip. Yet 1 in 10 students of the Halton District School Board face such economic barriers to their education every day.

The Halton Learning Foundation is on a mission to ensure all kids can come to school and stay engaged in learning … but they need your help.

You can purchase a gift of food, clothing or field trips from their No Student Left Behind gift catalogue to help local students. It’s a great gift idea for someone special .

Visit HLF online at or call 905-335-3665, ext. 3408.


Optional Attendance for Sept. 2017 

HDSB will be accepting optional attendance applications between Dec 1, 2016 and Jan. 31, 2017. Please pick up a form from Sam Sherratt PS or download it from Applications should be brought to your home school for processing.


IMPORTANT DATES: Full calendar available on our website

December 14th - Pink Day

December 15th - Beauty and the Beast Gr’s 4-8

December 15th - Holiday Extravaganza

December 20th and 21st - Winter Concert 6:30 both evenings

December 23rd - Last day of school before holidays (Dismissal 90 mins early at 1:50pm)

December 26th to January 6 - School CLOSED

David Willoughby [Staff],
Dec 12, 2016, 7:27 AM