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Gator Bites: Week of Sept 21st

posted Sep 21, 2018, 6:20 PM by David Willoughby

Good Evening Gators! Thank you to all of our families who attended our “Meet the Teacher” evening last night. It was a great turn out, and so nice to see so many of our Sam Sherratt families. We hope that some of our parents will come and join us on our Parent Council this year. Our first meeting will be Oct 1st 2018 at 6:30 pm.

Student Council: New to Sam Sherratt this year, we have created a student council. Campaigning took place last week, and all of our students voted on Tuesday. We are so proud of all of our students who showed enthusiasm and interest in this leadership opportunity. Here are our new representatives on the student council:

Many of our extracurricular activities have now begun and students are busy enjoying participating in Cross Country, Senior Girls and Boys Volleyball, Flag Football, Peacekeepers and Peace Buddies, the Jazz Band, the Symphonic Winds Band and our Drumline each week.  We still do need parent volunteers to assist with the Drumline, so if you are interested please let us know.

Laura Secord Chocolate Fundraiser: We had the kick off assembly for our Laura Secord Chocolate Fundraiser on Tuesday. All students brought home forms with information for how you can support our fundraiser this year. Please remember to bring in your permission forms.

Grade 2 and 3 students attended the Milton Fall Fair on Friday. A hot sunny day, but smiles and fun was had by all. Thank you so much to Ms. Jersyk,  Ms. Swift and Ms. McKenna for organizing and escorting out students on this amazing learning opportunity!

One of our grade 5 classes went to the SuperStore today they learned about the three start healthy option program, they met Caroline Cott a nutritionist who helped them to make healthy snacks today. Thank you Ms. Paulson for organising this trip.

Grade 7 Mansfield Trip: Next week our grade 7 students will be heading off to Mansfield to enjoy some outdoor learning and develop some new skills. Thank you to all of our teachers who have volunteered their time to take our kids on this great trip! We suggest both students and teachers rest up this weekend!!

Wednesday, September 26th wear PURPLE to recognize our 1st ever Rowen’s Law Day.  In 2018, a new law called Rowan’s Law was passed in Ontario. It will help protect people who play sports, or play active games in schools, help teachers, parents/guardians and coaches learn about preventing concussions, and help people who get concussions to recover.

Thanks to Rowan’s Law, all sports organizations and schools in Ontario will have new rules in place around concussions. Even when we do our best to prevent injuries there is always some risk. Rowan’s Law will help coaches, teachers, and parents/guardians, know when a child has suffered a suspected concussion and that they should immediately stop participating in physical activities, and help them identify when it’s safe to play again.

Friday, September 28th - ORANGE Shirt day . Wear orange to recognize the harm the residential school system did to the identity, self-esteem, and well-being of First Nations, Métis, Inuit children and communities and show that everyone around us matters and move towards truth and reconciliation.

Locked Doors: A reminder to parents that our doors are locked, if you have a child in the YMCA program, the staff from the program should have been in touch with you this week to provide with a code in order to gain access to the building. If you did not receive a code, and you have a child in the YMCA, please contact the YMCA representative at the school.

Milton Culture Days - On September 28th – 30th, 2018, join Arts Milton at the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton for a weekend of music, visual art, dance, theatre, technology and more! Get hands-on and behind-the-scenes in your community, alongside thousands of events happening across Canada. In Milton you’ll find a selection of 60+ free participatory activities for all ages.

Activities for all ages will take place on September 29th and 30th from 10-4 pm at the Arts Centre – 1010 Main St East. Visit or to view activities and plan your weekend now!

Gator Bites: Week of Sept 17th

posted Sep 14, 2018, 6:26 PM by David Willoughby

Good Evening Gator Families!

Mansfield Info Session: On Tuesday evening we had a great turn out for our Mansfield information session. Our grade 7 students will shortly embark upon their trip. Thank you parents and students for your enthusiasm and the great questions! Thank you to Mr. Willoughby for organizing the trip and the info session. We loved the old school slide format!

Students wanting to join our new Student Council began their campaigns this week.  There was a lot of enthusiasm and learning connected to real life government. We will have a school Prime Minister (grade 8 students only), a Deputy Prime Minister (grade 7 students only), a recorder (Grade 6 students only) and a student representative from each classroom.  Elections will take place next Tuesday. Good luck to all candidates!

Symphonic winds band and Drumline have started school practices. Parents please note we are going to need to recruit some parent volunteers to help us with Drumline this year. We are hoping that our students will compete this year and we will need some interested parents to join our students on the road to help with set up. If you are interested please contact Ms. Parker or Mrs. Watts.

Learning Commons began class visits and orientation of our amazing space. Ms. Belford will be sharing information about all the awesome events and learning that take place in the Learning Commons. Thank you Ms. Belford!!

reminder that Monday September 17th is a PA day and schools are closed. Our staff will be participating in a full day of learning.

reminder that next Thursday, September 20th 2018, we will be hosting Meet the Teacher Night at Sam Sherratt. Our doors will open from 6:30pm- 7:30pm. We look forward to seeing all of our families next Thursday!

Another great week of Peace Keepers and Peace Buddies helping our students with games outside during nutrition breaks. Thank you to Mr. Charrey for all the work that goes into this great program.

Intermediate Student Lunch Reminder: Here at Sam Sherratt our intermediate students may be granted the opportunity to go out for lunch during second break, if both teachers and parents agree. We are setting up this system currently and we will let parents and students know when this program will start up. Remember to bring in your forms signed and we will let you know when we begin our  Intermediate off school property lunch program. In the meantime remember to bring in your lunch everyday!!

Important Kiss & Ride Parking Lot Reminder

In order to keep all of our students safe during the morning Kiss & Ride drop off, please ensure:

  • to pull up as far as you can to the pylon,

  • children exit cars on the right side (sidewalk) of your vehicle.,

  • to drive slowly as parents of younger children may be parking to walk their child

  • on rainy days children enter the school from  the blacktop back doors

  • at the end of the day, to give way to our small buses that need to pull into the front parking lot for loading, as well as big buses on the road needing to pull up for loading,

The front parking lot where the small buses pull in is closed at the end of the day.  You may park in the side parking lot or on the south side of Laurier. Thank you for keeping our students safe!

Sam Sherratt Needs You!!

Parent Council play a crucial role in building the school culture during the school year. Sam Sherratt is looking for individuals who want to be part of our school community to help our school for the 2018-2019 school year.

A minimum of one Monday evening per month is all that is needed to make a difference. Your vote will be heard on behalf of other parents on important issues such as the use of funds, purchases made for the school and yearly events.

The roles that we need filled this year are as follows:

Chair and Co-Chair:  Do you have leadership skills and the desire to make a difference? Apply for the position of School Council Chair / Co-Chair. You’ll arrange and Chair monthly meetings during which you’ll lead discussions on the ongoing issues that affect your child’s school.

Treasurer: Are you good with numbers? Turn your bookkeeping, accounting or math skills into a worthwhile volunteering opportunity as Treasurer. You will maintain books and bank accounts, and provide monthly reports to the Council meetings of the financial activities and account status.

Secretary: Do you have organizational skills and a flair for writing? As Sam Sherratt’s Secretary, your skills will come in handy as you document the Minutes for each Council meeting. You will also maintain and file the important reports and lists that will become the history of this year’s activities.

Please join us for our first parent council meeting of the 2018-2019 school year on Oct 1st, 2018 to vote and build our new parent council for the school year. We will meet at 6:30pm in the Learning Commons.

We look forward to seeing you!! 

Lunch Lady Flyer.pdf 

Gator Bites: Week of September 10th

posted Sep 7, 2018, 2:38 PM by David Willoughby

Welcome Back Gators!!

What an exciting start to our new school year!! We have had a wonderful week at Sam Sherratt, welcoming new students, connecting with old friends and meeting our new class mates! All students were introduced to all of our Staff (both new and old) at our welcome back assembly on Tuesday.

An additional assembly was run for our Intermediate Students to share information about the upcoming leadership opportunities and to go over rules about cell phones and off school property lunches. Cell phones need to stay in lockers unless invited to be brought to class by teachers (or not brought to school at all)  and the off school lunch program will not begin until October and needs to be endorsed by both parents/guardians and teachers.

Thank you to our Peace Keepers and Peace Buddies for all of their hard work this week. They were out in full force to ensure all of our new students had fun games and activities to participate in and make new friends.

An exciting opportunity for our students! Sam Sherratt will be starting a student council this year. Student reps for every classroom, and our intermediate students will be campaigning for the executive positions! Campaigns begin next week, parents please ask your students about the nomination forms that went to each class today. Thank you Ms. Bryne and Mr. Goral!

Volleyball tryouts begin for Intermediate boys and girls begin on Monday. Thank you Mr. Baker, Mr. Kerschner, Mr. Goral and Mr. Aidoo!!

Grade 7 Students: We will be hosting a Mansfield Information Session next week on Tuesday September 11th in the Mall area beginning at 6:30pm.

We started our Eco Team this week! Thank you to the students who signed up for this team, it is always open to new members...if this is something that interests you please come and see Ms. Hastie.

Cross Country started this week also for grades 3-8, remember to listen for the meeting times on the announcements. Thank you Ms. Wheeler and Mr. Costello.

Intermediate Boys Volleyball also started this week, thank you to Mr. Kershner and Mr. Baker. Remember to listen for try out times on the morning announcements.

Students in portables: Have managed the new lunch procedure of eating in the mall each day very well. It is great to have all of our students inside for meal times each day. Thank you to our staff for making this transition so smooth!

Pizza Forms: Please note that Pizza order forms went home this week. We are moving towards a completely cashless system at Sam Sherratt, so this means please do not send in any money with your students, if you need help signing up for the cashless system which is called “School Cash Online” please pop into the office we are here to help you!

Important Startup News for 2018 - 2019 School Year

posted Aug 30, 2018, 7:20 PM by David Willoughby   [ updated Aug 31, 2018, 1:19 PM ]

Welcome to a new school year at Sam Sherratt !

We hope you have had a wonderful summer vacation and are excited about starting a new school year on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.  We would like to share some routines for a safe and stress free September startup.

On the first day of school students will assemble on the blacktop, and join their new teacher who will be holding up a sign with their name and class code displayed.  Kindergarten students will be in the Kindergarten Yard, Grades 1 - 5 near the Primary doors, Grades 7 - 8 will line up near the intermediate doors, and all classes in portables will line up by their respective portables.

On all other days, supervision begins on the blacktop at the back of the school at 8:35 am.  There is no supervision on the field or large climber area before school starts, so we ask for your cooperation in guiding students to the blacktop before the start

We can’t wait to meet you! We know this time of year brings with it many challenges and some anxiety for staff, students and parents alike and this is all very normal. Before you know it, we will all be settled in for a successful school year.  


Thank you in advance to our School Council who have played a vital role in making Sam Sherratt such a special school.  This year, nomination forms will come home in the start up packages on the first day of school. If you are interested in running, please complete and return the form by Tuesday September 18th. If an election is necessary an announcement will be sent out. Please consider this opportunity to get involved in your child's school community. Meetings are generally held the first Monday of the month, in the evening. This year our first meeting will be Monday October 3, 2018 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.


On Friday, August 31 at approximately 3:30 pm, class lists will be posted on the front doors of the school and on the Sam Sherratt School website (CLICK HERE).  Due to Freedom of Information guidelines, student names may not be listed, therefore you will need you child’s OEN (Ontario Education Number) which can be located on your child’s report card.  In keeping with Ministry of Education primary class caps and collective agreements around class size, the school may be required to change class compositions until the end of September (due to increased or decreased enrolment).


As you are aware, last year the Halton District School Board changed the online payment provider and we currently use School Cash Online (   This is the method of payment for items such as pizza days, field trips etc. If you are new to the school and you have not yet created your account, we strongly encourage you to do so.


Our busses continue to use our front parking lot bus loop for drop-off and pick-up. Before school, students will wait outside on the blacktop where there will be teacher supervision prior to the entry bell ringing.  After school, all bus students will assemble into our supervised indoor bus lines which should allow for a safe school environment for everyone.

A reminder to parents to please check the HDSB transportation link ( for current information, as each year, bus and route numbers change.  We do not want students getting on the wrong bus because they assumed it would be the same bus number they took last school year. You will need your child’s OEN, your address and the grade he/she is in.  While checking route numbers, we strongly encourage you to sign up and subscribe to receive email notifications in the event of us delays and cancellations. Signing up for this useful tool is available at the bottom of the route information screen.


We remind parents that the front entrance/foyer area is not a designated pickup area for students who are picked up at the end of the day.  Students are not permitted to wait in the front hall for pick up. This is a very busy time of day for staff and students involved with bussing.  If parents are picking up children at the regular dismissal time, you are reminded that student pickup is at the back of the school where teacher supervision ensures student safety.  All students who are walking home or being picked up will exit via the back doors. If picking up children throughout the day for an appointment (prior to 3:20 pm) we ask that you come to the main office and wait there.  Students leaving early for an appointment should have a note from a parent/guardian written in their agenda indicating the pick-up time. Alternatively, you can use the School Messenger Attendance Reporting system to advise the school of these early departures.  Your child can then be dismissed by the teacher and be in the office when you arrive to pick them up for their appointments and thereby avoid delaying you and also minimize disruptions to classroom instructional time.


In the parking lot “kiss and ride area”, please pull up as far as you can outside of doors 3 and 4 in order to keep the flow of traffic moving. For safety reasons, please do not drop off children in the middle of the parking lot or at the top end of the parking lot.

If you are walking, our crossing guard will make sure everyone crosses Laurier Avenue safely. Please ensure you model safety and cross with your child at the crossing guard. Your cooperation is much appreciated.


Please be advised if your student is in a portable this year, they will have a change in their Nutrition Break routine.  Beginning in September our students who are in portables will be supervised in the school Mall during both nutrition breaks, where they will find brand new tables and chairs that we have purchased for them to enjoy eating their snack/lunch.




Many of our Grade 7 and 8 students at Sam Sherratt are given the opportunity to go off school property during the second nutrition break with parent and admin/teacher permission.  This program will not begin until October so please make sure your child brings sufficient food for the entire school day and permission forms are returned to the office. Please note, going off campus is a privilege and is dependent on student readiness and responsibility.


Sam Sherratt uses Twitter to share events, news and learning at our school.  Please be sure to follows us on Twitter @SamSherrattPS

Thank you for your attention to this information and please feel free to drop by to say hello.

In Partnership,


Maggie Parker, Principal

Bita Watts - Vice Principal

and the Staff of Sam Sherratt

Gator Bites: July / August 2018

posted Jul 3, 2018, 1:46 PM by David Willoughby

Dear Parents and Students of Sam Sherrtt:

Have a safe and happy summer. We thank all of our students, staff and families for all of your support this year!

Sam Sherratt Rocks Because of You!!!

We sadly say good bye to a few staff members, and we wish them all the best in their new adventures.

Good bye and Good luck to:

Mr. Smith

Mr. Hamel

Ms. Morgan

Ms. Sleet

Ms. Guglielmi

Ms. Cook

Ms. Blackmore

Ms. Reddon

Mr. Giokas


All of these staff members have made such a difference to our school community and you will be greatly missed!

Students, we look forward to seeing you again in September!

Gator Bites: Week of June 25th

posted Jun 23, 2018, 7:48 PM by David Willoughby

Good Evening Gators!

Congratulations to our Kindie classes who had their graduation this week. Thank you to Ms. Turjuman, Ms. Brazeau and Ms. Hunt for organising this fun celebration. We enjoyed slideshows, songs from our amazing students and ice cream to celebrate.

A reminder to our Grade 8 students... we have grade 8 graduation on Tuesday June 26th at Craig Keilburger HS. Graduates are asked to arrive at 6pm.

Monday, June 25th will be Sam Sherratt’s Play Day! Please remember to dress your students for some outdoor fun on Monday. Thank you to our Parent Council for providing pizza for our play day! Students will receive pizza on Monday.

On Wednesday we had two groups of students involved with track activities, our Junior Track and Field as well as our Special Athlete’s Track Meet. Thank you to all of our volunteers, both from our parent community and our staff, and thank you to all of our students who participated and made us so proud of your efforts.

Thank you to all of our families who joined us on Wednesday for our Spring Showcase. Thank you to our students who performed and to Mr. Smith who worked so hard to make this night magic...or should I say...out of this world.

Our grade 1 and 2 students enjoyed a trip to African Lion Safari, where the weather was perfect for our students, volunteers and staff to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Safari! Thank you to our staff for organising this fun filled field trip!

Lost and Found Reminder: Please be aware that all of our lost and found items will be packed up on Monday afternoon. Please make sure you have looked for any lost items.

Today at school we had a practise lockdown drill. Our students and staff did an amazing job. Thank you for your hard work.

A reminder that on our last day of school is next week on Friday June 29th. Early dismissal for all students will be 90 minutes earlier at 1:50pm.

In Partnership,

Maggie Parker, Principal

Bita Watts - Vice Principal

and the Staff of Sam Sherratt


IMPORTANT DATES: Full calendar available on our website

June 25th - Play Day and Talent Show(9 - 10:30)

June 26th - Gr 8 Graduation

June 27th - Ripley’s Aquarium - Life Skills

June 27th - Report Card sent home

June 29th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - DISMISSAL 90 minutes early (1:50)

Gator Bites: Week of June 18th

posted Jun 16, 2018, 11:25 AM by David Willoughby

Eid Mubarak! We wish all our families and staff members celebrating a very happy Eid.

Attention: Parents of students in grade one and two, those students who were going to African Lion Safari on Monday, our trip is being rescheduled due to expected weather conditions. You will receive a separate communication also with more detail.

Monday this week we had our Grade 5 friends from EW Foster PS visit us for some fun in the learning commons getting ready to join us at Sherratt next year!

Both our Girls and Boys Soccer Teams enjoyed a tournament this week, where they were able to demonstrate their skills and love of the game. Go Gators! Thank you to Mr. Goral and Mr. Aidoo for coaching our teams!

On Thursday we welcomed our Volunteers into the Learning Commons for our Volunteer Appreciation Lunch. Thank you to all of our volunteers who help to make Sam Sherratt the place that it is, where community, staff and students work together to make it great!! Thank you to Ms. Turjman, Ms. Brazeau and Ms.Jerzyk for all of your hard work.

Our Symphonic Winds Band went to Canada’s Wonderland to perform, and Mr. Smith has shared with us, that our school was given exceptional feedback on our presentation and our professionalism. Good Work Gators!! Thank you to Mr. Smith for all of your hard work!

A reminder to grade 8 parents, there are a number of communications coming home with regard to grade 8 graduation, please be sure to complete all the permission forms and return them as soon as possible. The tickets are currently being distributed (4 per student) and we are putting the final touches on our ceremony planning for the evening. We are looking forward to a very special night for our graduates!

Buddy Bench: Last week our Buddy Bench was installed by the back doors. This Bench was donated by the Halton Learning Foundation and dedicated to students who felt alone at recess and needed some support. With the help of Mr. Charrey and his Peace Keeper group, this bench is monitored and Grade 6 students are trained to help/support their peers.

This week our Grade 6 Peace Buddy captains (Ava & Grace) went to all Grade 1-5 classes to talk to students about the bench and how to use it, students are really excited and we have already had some customers on the bench!

Royal Bank of Canada Teach Your Kids to Code Program:

This week and next we have guest instructor Jacquie Dolman from the RBC Teach Your Kids to Code program in the Learning Commons to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their coding skills. Students were taught skills such as block coding in order to create a game online using SCRATCH and the website.  We look forward to expanding this program next year to our primary students.

In Partnership,

Maggie Parker, Principal

Bita Watts - Vice Principal

and the Staff of Sam Sherratt


IMPORTANT DATES: Full calendar available on our website

June 19th - Pizza Day

June 20th - Special Olympics Track Meet

June 20th - Year End Concert 6 - 7 pm

June 20th - Jr. Track and Field Meet at CKHS

June 21st - Gr 1 & 2 African Lion Safari

June 21st - K-2 Kindie Graduation at 2 pm

June 22nd - K-1 Kindie Graduation at 2 pm

June 25th - Play Day and Talent Show(9 - 10:30)

June 26th - Gr 8 Graduation

June 27th - Special Athletes Track Meet

June 27th - Report Card sent home

June 29th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - DISMISSAL 90 minutes early (1:50)

Gator Bites: Week of June 11th

posted Jun 11, 2018, 9:40 AM by David Willoughby

Good Evening Gator Families!

Here we are in June, and the days at Sam Sherratt are getting busier and busier!

On Monday our grade 6-8 students who joined our track and field team participated in track day at Nelson High School. Thank you for all your hard work Mr. Pearson, Mr. Kryzanowski, Mr. Kerschner and all the students who worked hard to push through practices and try outs. The excellent news is….we just received the CHAMPION BANNERS...we won for Boys grade 8 and Girls grade 7!! Go Gators!!

We are so proud of you!

Thank you to all the parents who joined us on Monday night for our last parent council meeting for the year. Thank you for all of your support and hard work this year!

Both girls and boys soccer teams played in games this week. Practices continue as they get ready for upcoming tournaments. Go Gators!

Our grade 3 students enjoyed a day at Springridge Farm; good weather and fun at a local hot spot.

Our Kindergarten students enjoyed Mountsberg, outdoor learning and exploring.

An Annishanbee Knowledge Guide joined us on Monday to speak to several classes about what relationships, with each other and the natural world mean to the First Nations people. Students learned ways to change how we look at the relationships in our own lives, and how we can improve them through communication and listening more carefully to what is happening around us. Our students were inspired to be more mindful of their interactions, and how to develop a deeper understanding of First Nations beliefs.

We welcome our grade 8 students back this evening from their trip to Ottawa. I am sure they will return tired, with many exciting memories. Thank you to our staff who organised (Mr. Fox) and the staff who joined the trip to make it a successful experience for our students. May you all get much needed rest this weekend!

In Partnership,

Maggie Parker, Principal

Bita Watts - Vice Principal

and the Staff of Sam Sherratt


IMPORTANT DATES: Full calendar available on our website

June 13th - Milton Library visit

June 13th - Charity Fashion Show at 5:30

June 14th - Volunteer Appreciation Lunch 12:50 pm

June 14th - Canada’s Wonderland- Symphonic Winds Orchestra

June 15th - Talent Show

June 18th - African Lion Safari - Gr’s 1 & 2

June 19th - Pizza Day

June 20th - Special Olympics Track Meet

June 20th - Year End Concert 6 - 7 pm

June 20th - Jr. Track and Field Meet at CKHS

June 21st - K-2 Kindie Graduation at 2 pm

June 22nd - K-1 Kindie Graduation at 2 pm

June 25th - Play Day

June 26th - Gr 8 Graduation

June 27th - Special Athletes Track Meet

June 27th - Report Card sent home

Gator Bites: Week of June 4th

posted Jun 1, 2018, 11:59 AM by David Willoughby

Good Evening Gator Families!

Reminder: Friday June 1st is a PD day, students can enjoy a day away from school!

Intermediate Track and Field was rescheduled for Monday June 4th.

Thank you to all of our teachers Mr. Pearson, Mr. Kyyzanowski and Mr. Kershner for all of your hard work.

We have several students from Mr.Goral’s grade 8 class who will be hosting a charity fashion show at school on June 13th in support of The Halton’s Women’s Place and PACE. Doors open at 5:30pm and the show begins at 6pm. Tickets are available at school cash on-line to those families interested in attending.

In Partnership,

Maggie Parker, Principal

Bita Watts - Vice Principal

and the Staff of Sam Sherratt


IMPORTANT DATES: Full calendar available on our website

June 5th - Pizza Day

June 6th - Friday schedule

June 6-8th - Gr 8 in Ottawa

June 7th - Provincial Election voting in our gym

June 13th - Milton Library visit

June 14th - Canada’s Wonderland- Symphonic Winds Orchestra

June 15th - Play Day

June 15th - Talent Show

Gator Bites: Week of May 21st

posted May 22, 2018, 6:23 AM by David Willoughby

Good Morning Gator Families!

Congratulations to the Symphonic Winds concert band who performed last week at the National Festival for the very first time. Please see below for a note from the director, Mr. Smith.

Congratulations to our Junior Relay Team who participated in a competition last week at Dr. Frank J Hayden Secondary School! Our Grade 3 Boys Team came in 5th in the finals.

Thank you to all of our families who came out to join us for our Kindergarten Orientation Evening. We had a lot of fun getting to know our new students, playing some fun games and touring classrooms. Thank you to our staff who worked so hard to make this night such a success!!

Some students from Grades 3 to 8 participated in the Festival of Trees Celebration at the Harbourfront Downtown Toronto. Please see attachment for more information and pictures.

Our Grade 4 students went on a field trip today to the Knights of Valour at the Ancaster Fairgrounds as part of their Social Studies inquiry of ancient civilizations and medieval times. They watched some exciting jousting, sword fights and falconry!

Some of our Grade 7 and 8 students took part in the Gauss Mathematics Contest offered through the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing. This offered our students an opportunity to have fun and to develop their mathematical problem solving ability. We look forward to hearing about your success!!

Reminder: Monday May 21st, 2018 is Victoria Day and all schools will be closed.

We wish all of our families a safe and restful long weekend!

In Partnership,

Maggie Parker, Principal

Bita Watts - Vice Principal

and the Staff of Sam Sherratt


2018 MusicFest Nationals

The Symphonic Winds travelled to the University of Toronto on Tuesday to perform at the 2018 MusicFest Nationals. They represented Sam Sherratt at the highest level throughout the day, and their performance was nothing short of remarkable! A few words directly from our adjudication panel describing the ensemble included ”poised”, “focused”, and “professional”. Congratulations to the band members on your Silver Award; you earned it together!! It is a pleasure to work with such an amazing group of hard working and dedicated young musicians.


Mr. Smith - Director


IMPORTANT DATES: Full calendar available on our website

May 21st - Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL

May 22nd - Monday rotary schedule & Pizza Day

May 22 - 24 (periods 1 - 4) Gr.3 EQAO Please don’t book appointments

May 28 - Track & Field

May 29 - 31 (periods 1 - 4) Gr. 6 EQAO Please don’t book appointments

May 29th - JK/SK & Gr 2 Dental Screening

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